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Raspberry Pi Surveillance and Timelapse Camera with the RaspiCam

I have wanted to build a motion activated and time lapse capable raspberry pi camera for a while now but never really found a case I like. I found this nice case for a raspberry pi and camera on thingiverse. It was designed for a specific fisheye camera but looking at the model it appeared that one of the cheap Chinese fish eye cell phone lenses I have would fit nicely in the hole.

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2015 Posts

Building a couple Pocket Pigrrl RetroPi 3D Printed Gaming Handhelds

I am building two customized Pocket Pigrrl’s for my daughter and niece. As a kid the NES system was mine, but my younger sister owned the original gameboy which I constantly stole from her on car trips so it seemed right that both our kids have little portable gameboy like devices. I am also hoping that this device will help keep mommy’s phone away from the children.

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TouchPi with PowerBoost Low Battery Automatic Shutdown

Part of the reason I bought a 3D Printer was to add some polish and portability to Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects, my favorite of those projects has been the 3D Printed Touch Pi battery powered Raspberry Pi case with Adafruit 3.5” PiTFT Touchscreen.

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Simple PiTFT Touch Menu System

Just completed a simple touch menu for Raspberry Pi projects using the 3.5” Adafruit PiTFT 480x320 touch screen.

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2014 Posts

Getting Started with My Printrbot Simple Metal

I got a printrbot simple metal kit on black friday so I have had it a little longer than those who got one for Christmas. It has printed at least 4 hours a day since and I think I have it up and running pretty nicely now, here are my tips for getting great prints quickly.

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Cloning Raspberry PI SD Cards

After playing with the raspberry pi a bit longer it became clear that I needed some way to make backups of the SD card used for the OS. I quickly remembered that I could easily use Win32DiskImager to write an ISO image and was able to backup my PI easily.

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Setting Up Raspberry Pi For the Children

I have not played with linux in probably 10 years, when i did then everything was a hassle. I made a firewall media server device out of a loud and huge dell power edge server. After buying a raspberry pi for my daughter and I to play with I was amazed at how easy it is to install and update linux now, especially on something with common hardware like the pi.

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