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2017 Posts

Electronic Fireworks Controller Finished

Done just in time!

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Electronic Fireworks Controller Final Assembly

With two days before the 4th it is mad scramble time. All the parts arrived and every thing fits. The first button and associated lights work correctly with the key and toggle switch, now I just need to solder the resistors and leds for each of the 12 buttons.

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Electronic Fireworks Controller First Prototype

I have been playing around with the TinkerCad drawings as the parts come in. I have some left over pink and magenta filament so I printed the face of the controller so I could test fit some of the parts.

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Electronic Fireworks Controller Initial Plans

I have ordered up a bunch of parts and have started to map out my design. I think the whole project will cost about $100. The first thing I did was a quick scale sketch on a piece of paper, and then I started to work on my design using tinkercad and my digital caliper.

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New Project Idea Electronic Fireworks Controller

I decided it might be fun to try and build an electronic fireworks controller for the 4th this year. It seems as though there are a ton of various options out there both DIY and commercial. I think I am going to try and model a .50 Cal ammo can insert for the wire connections, battery and buttons, and hopefully storage for the wires and ignitors.

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