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2015 Posts

Building the Ciclop 3d Scanner Part 4 Final Assembly

I have been working on my Ciclop 3D scanner for about a month now and the build is almost complete. I had been looking for a complex and complete open source hardware project and the Ciclop has been perfect. Because the BQ kit and components are not available yet in the United States.

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Building the Ciclop 3d Scanner Part 3 Laser Cutting and Electronics

One of the final pieces that I had not figured out for my Ciclop Scanner was the 200MM diameter laser cut acrylic turntable disc. There were laser cutting services available from some people I had met at a 3D printing workshop and at local makerspaces but I wanted to try and find a more universal option.

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Building the Ciclop 3d Scanner Part 1 PCB Assembly and Ordering Parts

On June 4th I ordered PCB’s from OSHPark for a Ciclop 3D Scanner, the OSHPark turnaround was amazing and my PCB’s were manufactured and shipped on the 12th. On June 16th I had three beautiful purple circuit boards in a nice purple envelope.

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Driving an 8x8 Led Matrix using the Adafruit HT16K33 Led Matrix Driver backpack with Arduino

When Nwazet closed down I bought a number of 8x8 Led Matrices for $1 each. I had these for a while and then bought some Adafruit 16x8 Led Matrix Driver Backpacks - HT16K33 to power the Matrices.

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