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2016 Posts

Using a FlashAir WiFi SD Card with my MAKEiT 3d Printer

I have used OctoPrint to manage prints in the past with my Printrbot. As time went on I found myself using the SD card more often because it was more reliable. When I got my new MAKEiT Pro-M printer I continued to use the SD card because it has a fantastic tune feature that lets me adjust a number of settings on the fly if you are printing from the SD card.

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Raspberry Pi Surveillance and Timelapse Camera with the RaspiCam

I have wanted to build a motion activated and time lapse capable raspberry pi camera for a while now but never really found a case I like. I found this nice case for a raspberry pi and camera on thingiverse. It was designed for a specific fisheye camera but looking at the model it appeared that one of the cheap Chinese fish eye cell phone lenses I have would fit nicely in the hole.

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Printing one at a time in Cura with a Printrbot Simple

I love my Printerbot Simple, but I have had a limited amount of success printing plates full of parts since I installed my X axis upgrade. Despite having more bed space I continued to have issues with printing batches. When printing all parts at the same time issues with one print seem to multiply themselves to all the prints sometimes wreaking the entire plate of parts. There are also sometimes imperfections and stringing on parts caused by the extruder traveling between parts.

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2015 Posts

Installing the Printrbot Simple X axis upgrade

In my ongoing effort to buy every upgrade for the Simple Printrbot offers I bought the new X axis upgrade on Black Friday.

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Building a couple Pocket Pigrrl RetroPi 3D Printed Gaming Handhelds

I am building two customized Pocket Pigrrl’s for my daughter and niece. As a kid the NES system was mine, but my younger sister owned the original gameboy which I constantly stole from her on car trips so it seemed right that both our kids have little portable gameboy like devices. I am also hoping that this device will help keep mommy’s phone away from the children.

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Installing the Printrbot Simple Z Axis Upgrade and v2 Extruder

After almost a year with my Printrbot I was excited to see the new Printrbot Simple Z and X axis upgrades they recently made available.

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Ciclop Scanner Part 5 Scanning Objects with Horus

After getting my Ciclop Scanner assembled I installed horus on the Ubuntu Trusty chroot on my Toshiba Chromebook 2 and Horus runs great.

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Building the Ciclop 3d Scanner Part 4 Final Assembly

I have been working on my Ciclop 3D scanner for about a month now and the build is almost complete. I had been looking for a complex and complete open source hardware project and the Ciclop has been perfect. Because the BQ kit and components are not available yet in the United States.

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Building the Ciclop 3d Scanner Part 3 Laser Cutting and Electronics

One of the final pieces that I had not figured out for my Ciclop Scanner was the 200MM diameter laser cut acrylic turntable disc. There were laser cutting services available from some people I had met at a 3D printing workshop and at local makerspaces but I wanted to try and find a more universal option.

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Building the Ciclop 3d Scanner Part 2 Printing Huge Parts on my Little Printrbot

I have been working on printing a Ciclop 3D Scanner entirely using my Printrbot Simple Metal despite several of the pieces being to large for my bed. Reading forums and searching thingiverse I found most of the files I needed to print the Ciclop on my Simple. I also modified a couple of files so that I could print all the parts on my Printrbot.

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Building the Ciclop 3d Scanner Part 1 PCB Assembly and Ordering Parts

On June 4th I ordered PCB’s from OSHPark for a Ciclop 3D Scanner, the OSHPark turnaround was amazing and my PCB’s were manufactured and shipped on the 12th. On June 16th I had three beautiful purple circuit boards in a nice purple envelope.

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Pay for your Printer by Running a Low Cost 3D Hub

After I had my Printrbot Simple Metal for about a month, I found 3D Hubs and I listed my printer at the suggested prices. 3D Hubs suggests a $10 setup fee and $1 per cubic centimeter of filament.

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Using Taulman Filaments with Printrbot Simple Metal

After printing a lot of PLA on my Printrbot Simple Metal I started looking around at some of the exotic filaments available. I have a roll of ninjaflex and was interested in some of the filaments from taulman.

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2014 Posts

Getting Started with My Printrbot Simple Metal

I got a printrbot simple metal kit on black friday so I have had it a little longer than those who got one for Christmas. It has printed at least 4 hours a day since and I think I have it up and running pretty nicely now, here are my tips for getting great prints quickly.

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