In Progress
Blast Box Bluetooth Speaker

Build log for my 5 driver 25000mAh battery powered bluetooth speaker kit from Parts Express.

Open Media Vault Server

Open Media Vault server with 9 terrabytes of storage, 6 drives and 32 gigs of ram for use as redundant file backup and host for Docker containers running assorted services.

12 Cue Ammo Can Fireworks Controller

12 cue fireworks controller powered by a lead acid battery with a custom tinkercad designed and 3D printed insert and controller face for a standard 50 cal ammo can.

Ciclop 3D Scanner

Full digital fabrication project. Built my own complete clone of the open source BQ Ciclop 3D Scanner. Printed and populated the motor control PCB, 3D printed the parts, cut threaded rods and had Ponoko laser cut the acrylic scanning platform.