Devices running Linux

Some generally cheap and well supported linux devices I own and like.

MSI Nightblade Gaming PC

MSI Nightblade gaming PC with a quad core I5, 16GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX960 Video Card.

With room for a full size video card, WIFI built in, an optical drive slot and a somewhat small case this is a great PC.

Currently driving two 28" Samsung 4K monitors on Ubuntu.

MSI Nightblade

Open Media Vault Server

Quad Core Open Media Vault Server with 32 GB RAM, 120GB OS SSD, 4 TB of redundant storage and a 1 TB SSD for hosting docker containers..

Build information available at PC Part Picker

Used for storage as well as a host for docker containers.

Fractal Designs Node 304

Toshiba FlashAir 16 GB WiFi SD Card

I have found using the SD card to be the most reliable way to run my 3D prints, my MAKEiT Pro-M 3D printer also allows me to make mid print configuration changes when printing from the SD card. Apparently the Toshiba FlashAir runs a tiny copy of linux and it lets me upload files to print straight to my printer.

Toshiba FlashAir Toshiba Flash Air III Wireless SD Memory Card 16GB (PFW016U-1CCW)

Devices that work well with Linux

Brother P-touch 1230 PC Labeler

I use my brother ptouch labeler for all sorts of random things using the fantastic B-Label linux labeling program.

Brother P-touch 1230 PC Brother PC-Connectable Label Maker (PT-1230PC)

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

If you need an ergonomic keyboard, at this point there is pretty much a single competively priced model. In Ubuntu the dedicated calculator button on the number pad opens a calculator.

Microsoft Sculpt Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop USB Port Keyboard and Mouse Combo (L5V-00002)