Project Category: Computer Numerical Control

Project Timeline for 3D Printed Desktop CNC

  • I just decided to start a new 3D printed CNC project. Currently I am in the process of finding and ordering parts and figuring out which elements of which remix I want to use on my build.

    For this project instead of creating a bunch of individual blog posts I am going to try maintaining a running build log on this category page until the build is complete.

    While there are quite a few different desktop CNC projects out there now I like the size of this project for my purposes. I also have a lot of the parts of the project on hand already. I plan on using the printed parts from the 3D Printed & Laser Cut, Lil-CNC Mill ACv2. I think I have found a local laser cutter and am going to use one of the many salvaged DC motors I have on hand to get started.

  • After some additional reading I have decided that I want to use the laser cut parts and additonal 3D printed parts from the Table CNC Engraver remix. This way I will have a little additional size and some handles. I also like the spoil board, 3D printed electronics enclosure, and start, pause and stop buttons on the front of the unit.

    I also decided that I am going to use my Clear Push Plastic High Heat PLA and Clear Push Plastic PETG filament for the 3d printed parts. I don't print with ABS because of the fumes, so I am going use PETG in place of ABS.

Parts List

Component Quantity Unit Price Total Cost Order Date Date Received Vendor
EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver 3 $2.91 $8.73 5/22/2017 6/1/2017 DX
2-Channel Relay Board 1 $3.99 $3.99 5/22/2017 DX
LCD Screen Controller 1 $12.29 12.29 Banggood
Mini Drill Chuck 1 $6.24 $6.24 5/28/2017 5/31/2017 Amazon
LM8UU 8mm Linear Bearing 10 $1.49 $14.90 Banggood
LM12UU 12mm Linear Bearing 10 $1.69 $16.90 Banggood
5mm x 8mm Aluminum Shaft Coupler 3 $1.63 $4.89 Banggood
NEMA 17 Stepper Motors 3 $13.59 $40.77 Banggood
608 Skate bearings ABEC 11 8 $0.92 $7.36 Banggood
M3 Cap Head Hex Screws A2-Stainless Steel Albany County Fasteners
M3 Flat Washers A2-Stainless Steel Albany County Fasteners
M3 Nuts A2-Stainless Steel Albany County Fasteners