My LabelWriter 450 served me pretty well, but the smaller shipping label size was never adopted by anyone but paypal and I just wanted a printer that worked with the standard 4” X 6” shipping label.

I had to build and install the Dymo SDK with my last printer, but apparently since then Dymo has abandoned Linux and their driver installation is broken. I found a git repo with a repaired fork of the Dymo drivers and some updated instructions for the install:

    sudo apt-get install git libcups2-dev libcupsimage2-dev gcc g++ automake
    cd ~/
    git clone
    cd DYMO-SDK-for-Linux
    automake --add-missing
    sudo make install

Once the drivers were installed all the templates showed up in glabels again and I was able to print labels again.

With two days before the 4th it is mad scramble time. All the parts arrived and every thing fits. The first button and associated lights work correctly with the key and toggle switch, now I just need to solder the resistors and leds for each of the 12 buttons.

Prototype 1