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For the site styles I am using as little of my own custom css as possible and leaning on bootstrap and font awesome, almost everything is standard Bootstrap 3 or font awesome markup.

Content Management

After years of developing my own content management systems I have completely switched to markdown for security and ease of use. Using the github Atom editor primarily. The content of this static site is built out using Jekyll for Github Pages.

I also stole some of the site structure and github connected features from @haacked after reading about them on his blog.

  • Built with Jekyll
  • Content built with markdown
  • Developed on GitHub and hosted for free on GitHub Pages
  • Custom domain registered with GoDaddy

Github Features

  • Contact Link opens an issue.
  • Edit link on each post creates a pull request

Site Features

I have been really impressed with using GitHub Pages and Jekyll to build out a nice static site with templates. The following features have been added to the blog and are built out dyanamically when the site is pushed to github.