Printing one at a time in Cura with a Printrbot Simple

I love my Printerbot Simple, but I have had a limited amount of success printing plates full of parts since I installed my X axis upgrade. Despite having more bed space I continued to have issues with printing batches. When printing all parts at the same time issues with one print seem to multiply themselves to all the prints sometimes wreaking the entire plate of parts. There are also sometimes imperfections and stringing on parts caused by the extruder traveling between parts.

I had seen the print one at a time setting in Cura before, but stopped before trying it because I didn’t have accurate print head measurements. I googled around some more and found this thread about using the print one at a time feature with a Printrbot Simple.

There were settings on the thread for the simple’s print head, so I entered those values and gave it a try.

Print one at a time settings

I loaded up medium sized part I needed six of in Cura and let Cura do the object placement automatically. Each part was printed one at a time over the next 5 hours. The print head had enough space to print all six parts even with the fan on my UBIS 13S.

Using the print one at a time feature was easier to setup than I expected and has made printing batches of parts more predictable. For smaller parts I have been saving smaller batches as a single STL file and then using the print one at a time feature to print a number of smaller batches one at a time.

Print one at a time bed

So far I have only successfully used the automatic object placement, when I tried to position objects myself the print order Cura decided to use seemed risky with my blower fan attached.