Building the Ciclop 3d Scanner Part 1 PCB Assembly and Ordering Parts

On June 4th I ordered PCB’s from OSHPark for a Ciclop 3D Scanner, the OSHPark turnaround was amazing and my PCB’s were manufactured and shipped on the 12th. On June 16th I had three beautiful purple circuit boards in a nice purple envelope.

Zum Scan PCB Package

I had already ordered all of the parts using a Mouser project list that I found online, and the parts had arrived last week. Really easy shield assembly as BQ had marked the board well and provided a nice BOM and image. The pads on the OSHPark boards were easy to solder to and the shield went together really quickly.

Zum Scan PCB Front Assembled
Zum Scan PCB Back Assembled

I am waiting on some more parts to arrive, and am still printing out all of the parts using .1mm layer height with Hatchbox Orange PLA. I did use Taulman alloy 910 for the shaft coupler.

I used a hacksaw to cut all the threaded rod pieces to size and have received the 16014 bearing which is huge and it fits perfectly in the bearing holder.

Ciclop Bearing Holder
Ciclop Bearing Holder with bearing

Some of the parts provided by bq for the Ciclop scanner are too big for my Printrbot Simple Metal, but I found some nice models for the pieces that are too large.

The holes on the smaller bearing holder exactly match the larger file, so the same acrylic disc dfx file can be used.

Ciclop Pattern Holder
Ciclop Parts

I still have to print the largest part (the motor housing) and am waiting on lasers, the motor and stepper drivers to arrive. I also am working on getting the acrylic laser cutting done.

I am also considering using an Adafruit Metro for the Arduino as it seems to be the closest in form factor to the BQ Zum 328 Uno clone which is not available in the US. The main issue being the USB B connector on most arduinos vs the micro USB connector on the Metro and Zum 328 boards fitting better with the zum scan shield.